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Toilet Paper Roll Circumference: How Wide Is It?


Have you ever wondered about the toilet paper roll circumference? Let us tell you that its circumference is only 6 inches with extremely thin walls.

Want to know how Wide Toilet Paper Roll is Inside?

Its width is around 4.7 inches and weighs around 227 grams. Similarly, in inches, how long do you think is a bathroom tissue tube? Well, the cardboard cylinder within a roll of toilet paper is only 4 inches long!

What is a Normal Toilet Paper Roll’s Diameter?

The roll’s diameter varies, but it’s normally around 4.5 inches or 12 cm. A roll of one-ply paper has 1000 sheets and a roll of two-ply paper has 500 sheets. So, you can imagine.

What is the Length of a Roll of Toilet Paper?

A toilet paper roll is 1485 inches long which calculates to 37.72 meters.

How to  Measure the Circumference of a Toilet Paper Roll?

Measuring the circumference of a toilet paper roll is easy! Just as it is done with any other circle i.e., you can measure it by finding out the diameter and multiplying the value by pi.

What is the Typical Girth of a Toilet Paper Roll?

The average girth of a toilet paper roll is 6 inches.

Is a Girth of 6 Inches a Decent Size for Toilet Paper Rolls? 

The girth varies according to different companies but since the tube has 4.5  inches diameter, the girth should be 5 & half inches. Hence, it can be said that 6 to 6.5 inches are mostly preferred

Is the Size of all Toilet Paper Tubes the Same?

The tubes are identical, but some have more paper than others, resulting in a larger roll. 

What is the Length of a Toilet Paper Roll in Meters?

It is 95mm by 105mm sheet size with a roll length of 33.6 meters.

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