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How to Recover Gmail Account in 6 Easy Steps


Once you forget a password or email id of your Gmail Account, you may wonder “how do I recover my account?” Don’t worry as these easy steps will help you to recover your account in a flash.

1. Choose How you Want to Recover your Gmail Account

To recover an old google account you’ll have to type the email id or phone number in the “Email or phone” box and click on the ‘next’ button.

2. Enter your Password

If you remember your password type it on the “Enter your Password” box. But if you have forgotten, do not worry, just click on the “forgot password’’ button in the Gmail sign-in window and then click on the “next’’ button.

Now on the Google Account Recovery page, you’ll have to type the last password in the “Enter Last password” box, only if you remember one. If you don’t then just click on the “Try Another Way” Option and then click the “Next” button.

4. Let Google Verify Whether it’s you or Someone Else  

On this second page of the Google Account Recovery window, you’ll be displayed a verification number which you will also receive on your phone. After that, you will get a message asking this: “Is it you trying to recover your account?” You just need to click on the “Yes, It’s me” option and then tap on the matching verification number on your phone.

Of course, there’s another way as well.

If you want to know how to recover an account without a phone, you will just have to select the option “get a verification code at “your alternate gmail email id for recovery purposes.” Now you’ll be asked for the code you have received in your alternate gmail account. Enter it and proceed to the next page by clicking on the ‘Next’ button.

5. Create a New Password 

After receiving the code Gmail will give you access to create a new password and accordingly you can create a new password and then confirm the password by retyping it. The password must be at least 8 characters and it is advisable to choose a mixture of alphabets, uppercase, and lowercase letters with special characters and numbers and then click on “Save Passwords”.

6. Get your Gmail Account Back

Just click on “continue to gmail” to see “loading gmail” appearing on your page. Thus your gmail account is recovered and you are free to use it indefinitely.

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