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Shadow Banning: Challenges and Ways to Overcome

Shadowban on social media

If you are using Instagram or Twitter, you have probably faced or heard about Shadow Banning. It is one of the most common banning methods used by popular social networking platforms. In this article, we are going to discuss the reasons behind the phenomenon and the ways to overcome it. Before that, let’s talk about what it is and what causes it.

What is Shadow Banning?

For those of you who still do not know about Shadow Banning, it is a simple way of getting blocked on social media by the platform itself without your knowledge. The phase of blocking varies in each case, but it is never permanent. This means despite the ban, the content will be kept online only for the user to view.

What are the Causes?

Although Shadow Banning is one of the most distinctive banning patterns, it is rather difficult to compile a hard-core list of factors that trigger the same. Despite this, there are several aspects that can be considered. Following are some of the prime causes that might result in a ban:

Excessive Use of Hashtags

We all can agree on the fact that hashtags have become an integral part of the social world nowadays. Ever wondered why social networking platforms ban a user from using the same? The reason is simple – excessive use of hashtags. Although, some of the hashtags are recognized and used globally; spamming of the same is not allowed. Also, there are some hashtags that can be used without the fear of getting Shadow Banned.

Using Bots/Auto-Likes

We have all experienced auto-answering bots at some point in time. Many people use these not only to save time, but also to save themselves from the hassle of being active 24/7. But, most of the time, the scripts they use do not complement the guidelines of the social networking platforms. Thus, they end up using bots that are not recognized by these social websites.

Offensive Hashtags and Images

Every social media platform, except Reddit, is very strict with their policies regarding the use of offensive hashtags or any other media source such as Images or Videos. Thus, when one posts such content on the platform, it is taken down along with the profile either through reporting or regular inspection.

Audience Reporting

Every page or account has a certain type of Audience. This is why it is very important for the creators to make sure the content they are publishing lives up to the standard and tolerance limit of their Audience. This is one of the most common methods because of which an account faces Shadow Ban. If you are an influencer or have a massive follower-base, make sure to post images or videos that do not end up being reported by users. The same goes for hashtags.

Binge Liking and Follow/Unfollow

Another common reason for getting Shadowbanned is binge liking photos. The same goes for binge follow or unfollow. All such activities are treated as robot-like and thus, result in bans.

Fake Followers

Last but not least, your fake followers can also be a reason for facing Shadowban. This is because buying fake followers or any interactions such as comments or reviews are against the Guidelines of Social Media Platforms.

What are the Challenges Users Face Because of a Shadowban?

Thanks to the latest algorithm of social media, everyone is just one post away from receiving such bans. If you have ever experienced a Shadow Ban, you might already know how much it affects the reach of your content. But, for those who have not experienced the challenges yet, it’s good to be ready for them.

Following are some of the problems which you might face in the near future:

Declining Reach

Once you are Shadow Banned, the content is shifted down on the newsfeed. This affects the reach of your content so are unable to address it to your audience. Also, this might result in you getting unfollowed by new followers (in the case of Twitter and Instagram).

Loss of Audience’s Goodwill

One of the biggest reasons why everyone hates getting Shadow Banned is the loss of Goodwill. As soon as someone faces a Shadow Ban, they start to lose Goodwill from their audience. Things can worsen if the period of the ban as long as the creator will not be able to address the situation.

What are the Ways to Overcome a Shadowban?

No one wants to face problems that come with Shadow bans. Following are some easy ways to overcome and to save yourself from future bans:

Mix Hashtags

Excessive use of hashtags is always the easiest way for any social media platform to ban you. So, make sure the tags you use are mixed up from time to time. Alternate use of hashtags confuses the algorithm and you will be able to avoid shadowbans.

Engage Manually

Instagram and Twitter hate the use of robot-like interactions. This is why it is advised to take some time off from your schedule and address your followers manually. This will not only save you from breaking the rules but also create a lasting impression on your audience.

Stick to the Terms and Conditions

Posting anything that can lead to the breaking of Terms and Conditions can result in severe problems for your account. Thus, try to abide by the terms and conditions as much as possible.

To Conclude…

Now that you are aware of all the factors that trigger Shadow Banning, make sure to keep your distance from such matters. It will help you to maintain a better follower-base and will also help you to grow in a better manner.

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