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Geostickers: The Hottest Conversation Piece Amongst Netheads


Social media is currently taken over by a ‘sticker trend.’ And something called ‘Geosticker’ is piquing hot interest in the World Wide Web.

It debuted in Snapchat in 2016 only to be unabashedly mirrored by Instagram in what seems like a marketing warfare strategy – one that was apparently planned to counterattack Snapchat’s attempt at stealing the limelight from Instagram when ‘Stories’ was introduced.

Rivalry or no rivalry, netizens have been blessed with something unique and interesting.

So, What Really Are These Geostickers?

Geostickers are essentially location-based and location-specific. They are specially designed to bespeak the quintessence in each of these locations. They show up in your stickers interface only when you visit the particular locale that supports them. You can then tap and tag them to your posts.

For instance, if you happen to be in Paris, you can tag the Eiffel Tower Geosticker to your snaps, or a mouse with a pizza while in New York. And why only cities, the stickers can be tailored for neighborhoods, landmarks, monuments, schools, malls, parks, and more.

Because these illustrations are customizable, they have opened a leeway to creativity. They can be static, or resized and moved about just like other stickers on the interface.

Geostickers For People, Businesses, And Causes?

The feature is definitely for those who love to take spontaneous photographs, spend time on social media sites, and indulge in interaction relative to their present location. Geostickers allow users to indirectly communicate with the world and especially with those who are nearby.

Apart from the fun of applying such location-based art to decorate your posts, Geostickers have birthed and nurtured an entire community devoted to customising them. Presently, they stand as a platform that is proving to be the next big thing in customisable expression and moodsourcing.

Say, you went to some restaurant in Jakarta and degusted a certain sumptuous meal. You could share your experience with people in the same city, street, or neighbourhood using a specific Geosticker. Or you could tell about the unexplored travel destination you just found out.

The same goes out for complaining and warning about negative things and situations – like a bad road, extreme weather conditions, a horrible spa session, hair in your coffee, or why it could be a terrible idea to visit a certain destination. The best part is the feature retains your anonymity without breaching security.

Geostickers could prove to be beneficial for businesses as well, in their corporate meetups, marketing campaigns, product launches, concert and event advertisements, and overall branding. Even in disaster scenarios, these stickers might help in raising situational awareness and bring about hazard prevention and disaster aid.

They further have social and political applications. They can be used as a tool for planning, organising, and conveying events – campaigns, rallies, and protests, or to prevent them. News events and criminal investigations could also benefit for Geostickers.

They could even find a place amongst job hunters and freelancers looking for location-specific employment opportunities or property seekers looking for accommodation. It won’t be an exaggeration to say Geostickers might set new benchmarks in the world of geosocial networking.

Doesn’t technology present us with endless possibilities and a bright scope to imagine the future? We hope this feature finds a global user base soon.

Do let us know what you think of Geostickers.

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