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360-Degree Selfie: Redefining your Selfie Experience Altogether

360 degree selfie

Taking a selfie is neither an old trend nor a new one. However, capturing a flat 2D selfie is now old-fashioned. So how about taking a 360-degree selfie? Isn’t that cool? Don’t you want your selfie to be most interesting than those of others?

In this post, we’ll be throwing some light on the 360-degree selfie. This technology isn’t new at all. However, it has managed to open a new era in the world of photography. Wouldn’t it be amazing to capture and upload some selfies the 360-degree way on social media? Wouldn’t these pictures mark a new trend altogether?

What is a 360-degree Photograph?

A 360-Degree Photo is technically an image that shows you a 360-degree view of the surrounding point where it was captured. Although this technology has not grown a lot since its launch, still it had achieved a lot in the past few months. In the upcoming years, this technology might replace traditional 2D photographs.

But how are these shots formed? With the help of virtual reality and some programs, it is possible to combine a number of photos and build a 360-degree image. All the pictures are lined up and combined to make the perfect shot. And then after processing with the final touches, the picture is displayed before you.

The digital camera has the inbuilt feature to capture and align the pictures. Once enough shots have been captured, they are either combined using an inbuilt software or uploaded to a web application. And within a few seconds, you will have the perfect shot ready!

Merits of 360-degree images

  1. 360-degree photos will replicate a kind of 3D design of architecture, etc. effectively.
  2. Such photos can provide you with a virtual experience of being at the place where the shot was taken.
  3. In a single picture, you can have a lot of information and details.
  4. You can use them to show the customers the current and future view of your commercial dwellings even from a remote location.

Demerits of 360-degree images:

  1. It requires additional hardware and software tools to capture a 360-degree shot.
  2. It takes a little more time to capture a 360-degree photo than a casual shot.

Capture Best Ever 360 Degree Selfies

Now, that should be enough of an introduction to 360-degree selfies. So, how about taking some amazing 360-degree photographs? Well, the procedure is quite easy but it may take a while for you to get used to it.

There are a lot of 360-degree cameras available in the market that will surely help you in capturing stunning shots. The price range starts from somewhere around $30 and can go up to thousands of dollars. The costlier it is the better are the features, pixels, clarity, depth, and image quality. It is best to get a camera according to your budget.

But, before you get one, remember this: decide whether you’re going to get a stereoscopic camera or a monoscopic camera. In case you don’t know what these terms are, read on…

a) Stereoscopic Cameras: These types of cameras can shoot a 3D image, one for your left eye and one for your right eye. Thus, providing you excellent VR experience for a VR headset. These cameras are basically more expensive and less common in use.

b) Monoscopic Cameras: These types of cameras can create 360-degree photos that can be displayed on a screen as well as in a VR headset. You can find the shots of these cameras on Facebook or YouTube with ease. These cameras are more common in use.

So, now that you clearly know about the cameras, go get one for yourself. Choose the best one for you and get ready to capture the world in 360 degrees.

Capture 360 Degree Selfies with your Smartphone

Unlike the 360 degree videos, the 360-degree photos can be captured with ease using the phone that you already have. However, you need to tweak the software of your phone. In other words, you need something extraordinary.

First of all, you will need an app for capturing the 360-degree images. The selection of app depends on where you will share the photo. For the majority of the platforms, the Street View app would be the best choice. A great thing about this app is that it works on Android as well as on iOS devices. Also, in stock Android, you can use the Photo Sphere mode and in Samsung phones, the Surround Shot mode.

It resembles the Photo Sphere mode available on stock Android. To start with the capturing, tap on the orange plus icon and then choose Camera. Now the app will automatically guide you to take the shots. In short, you need to stand in one place and fill up all the orange circles.

Once the process is completed, you will be notified. You don’t need to tap the shutter button. The app does all the hard work on its own. If you have installed the Google Photos app, it will help you view the 360-degree photos. Just move your phone a little and view the picture from all angles. Or even if your phone lacks the gyroscope sensor, use the tap and drag method to move around the image. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

In the same way, you can use your front camera to capture interesting 360-degree selfies. And then upload these selfies to Facebook just like you do with any other selfie.

No matter what, Android phones have always proved to be better in capturing 360-degree selfie as compared to the iOS devices. But still, you can use a third-party app like the Street View app to enhance your experience.

Final Words

Well, that was all about 360-degree images and selfies. They will surely help you amaze your social media followers and friends as compared to the recent 2D flat pictures. Why not surprise them with this latest technology which is kind of futuristic? Why not try something different and astonish them? Do try this and blow their minds with the impressive 360-degree shots.

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