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The Lone Ghost, No-Face, from Spirited Away


The Spirited Away fan-favorite No-Face is a lone ghost that takes a liking to Chihiro Ogino’s honesty and begins to follow her. It was a language of grunts and groans rather than words that he spoke. Due to his inexperience, No-Face had to rely on others to teach him about Bathhouse life and other spirits in general.

To win Chihiro’s affection, he grew to mimic the corrupt and greedy workers around him, hoping that his efforts to be like them would eventually lead to her love. However, Chihiro was partially faithful to No-Face once she welcomed him and accepted his aid.

Chihiro becomes the object of No-obsession, Face’s and he only wants to see her. Following the River Spirit’s emetic dumpling, Chihiro cries out to him twice while escaping from the now-hostile spirit, and he gets greatly agitated. Upon his return from the Bathhouse, she takes him as a companion on her train excursion to Swamp Bottom. Now that No-Face is no longer violent and even follows Chihiro’s commands like “sit,” “behave yourself,” and so on, it is fairly docile.

Being out of control and monstrous, No-Face shows all the terrible attributes of those he had eaten (most notably Aogaeru), becoming a brash, arrogant, noisy, and greedy creature that was troubled by its fixation with Chihiro.

Finally, No-Face encounters Zeniba – a witch who works alone, unlike Yubaba’s bathhouse, which has a complicated structure in place. No-Face begins spinning and knitting and looks to be competent at it, as though he is trying to fit in with the new laws of the little community. He accepts Zeniba’s proposition to remain with her as an apprentice since he enjoys his new surroundings.

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Is No-Face a boy or a Girl?

He has been referred to as “No-Face” since the spirit’s debut. Upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the spirit is genderless even though he has been referred to as a “He”. That’s a logical conclusion. The white mask-like face has no discernible gender markings.

Is No-Face a Good Guy?

No Face is neither good, bad nor evil; he is simply depressed and lonely, which has led him to commit criminal acts. In response to Chihiro’s compassionate actions toward him, such as allowing him to enter Yubaba’s bathhouse or thanking him for the bath ticket, he expressed gratitude to him.

Is No-Face a Villian?

No-Face is a dark spirit who appears as a black humanoid with a white mask over his or her face. After eating other souls, he can absorb their feelings into his soul, allowing him to adopt their perspectives on life, particularly negative ones, which eventually leads to his metamorphosis into a villainous figure. The character functions as an antagonist until he is redeemed.

What was the Moral Lesson from Spirited Away?

As it turned out, Chihiro was able to appreciate the positive aspects of the foul spirit. Chihiro befriended No-Face, despite everyone’s belief that he was evil. Even his river was cleansed by her. However, the film’s most essential message is to never act out of selfish motives.

Why did No-Face like Chihiro?

The workers who try to recover No Face’s gold after Chihiro rejects it infuriate him because he feels they are insulting him.. As a result, he ends up eating them. After falling in love with Chihiro, No-Face becomes fixated on her and only Chihiro.

What is No Face name

It’s possible that folks who don’t speak Japanese refer to Kaonashi (顔無) as “No-Face,” although the spirit’s name is really Kaonashi in the native Japanese language. “Faceless” is what the word signifies. For example, Kaonashi correctly defines the creature since not only does it have no face of its own but also absorbs the faces of individuals who come into contact with him and consumes their food, adopting new attitudes and ideas.

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