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Ranks Gone Haywire? Blame it on Google June 2019 Core Update

Google June 2019 Core Update

After a mighty warning on Sunday, Google finally rolled out a core algorithm update on Monday. It’s called the June 2019 Core Update. Needless to say, it’s creating panic among digital and content marketers.

On 3rd June 10:02 am IST, the search Engine giant wrote this:

The June 2019 Core Update is now live and rolling out to our various data centers over the coming days.

Google SearchLiaison (@searchliaison) June 3, 2019

This one is one of those rare events where Google pre-announces its search ranking algorithm updates. Seems like the search engine giant is being proactive about letting site owners and digital marketers know about such updates so they aren’t left at sea.

We suggest you keep an eye on your web analytics and see how it performs over the next week. Some people have already reported traffic drops and keywords slipping from first to second and third pages. On the other hand, others are seeing a significant traffic rise. Yet others saw no changes.

The scenario is currently volatile. But, the full impact of this update can be determined only with the passage of time. Overall, the better the site, the more secure would be its status.

As Google says, the routine updates are designed to improve search results. Sometimes they focus around specific improvements while at other times, broad changes are triggered. Drops and gains are only relative.

Pages that don’t perform well aren’t bad. But, the focus is on bringing out pages that are underrated. Nothing can substitute meaningful content. This is the only fix for pages that are lagging behind.

Don’t panic. Don’t start theorizing. Things are yet to settle down. Let’s hope for the best and stay prepared for the worst.

Do come back to this page for further updates.

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