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Top 10 Online Tools for Content Writers

Online tools for content writers

Writing is tough for a few, but a nightmare for many. It is one of those career choices where sheer imagination and vocabulary skills are imperative. But, even the best of the best sometimes need a helping hand to generate ideas and retain credibility. To that end, we are going to talk about 10 online tools for content writers that will make the job easy.

Let’s get started!

HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator

One of the biggest challenges bloggers face on a regular basis is writer’s block. This is where HubSpot Blog Ideas Generator comes into play. It’s a free tool that offers ideas for in this exchange of nouns that define your write-up.


Once an article is completed, it must be proofread. But, despite several proofreading sessions, there could always be a thing or two left unattended. Now, to tackle this issue, all a content writer has to do is visit the website of Grammarly and upload their content to it. The tool will start analyzing the content and offer you a list of errors that are needed to be fixed. The premium version makes the job even smoother.

Hemingway Editor

In content writing, readability matters. For your content to be easy to read for your audience, use Hemingway Editor and get rid of any possible flaw.


Copying someone else’s work is a sin. Thankfully, it can be easily detected. For your piece of content to be original Dupli Checker serves as a wonderful online tool. Bonus? – This is a free tool!


Despite having a massive vocabulary and knowledge of phrases, there are times when a writer falls short of words. This is where the Thesaurus tool comes into aid. It helps the writer get the right words brevity can be ensured.

OneLook Reverse Dictionary

This tool helps writers get words as per the descriptions they offer. The beauty of this tool is instead of working on words, it works on the meaning. So, if you know the essence of the term but not the term itself, all you need to do is to simply head over to OneLook Reverse Dictionary and write the meaning. Once done, it will offer you a list of words that can offer justice to your thoughts.

CoSchedule Header Analyzer

The headline of any article is the essence of generating traffic and achieving SEO. CoSchedule Header Analyzer helps writers analyze several aspects of a headline such as Word balance, ideal character count, etc. With all the statistics that you receive for your article’s headline, you can modify it to make an ideal one.


Any article is incomplete without the right use of banners and images that can define the concept. With Canva, writers can generate better and interactive banners that will offer a visual appeal to readers.


Animated videos in the content are a great way to interact with all kinds of the audience whether they are kids, teens, or adults. With the Animaker tool, the task of making a studio-quality DIY Animated video becomes easy.

A Soft Murmur

Have you ever faced the problem of not being able to concentrate while writing? If yes, then there is a perfect solution to this problem. A Soft Murmur offers you a vast library of calming tones that can help your mind concentrate on your work. These ambient sounds calm the mind and help you reap the benefits of quietude.

To Conclude…

These are the top 10 online tools for content writers that can help them work better. With the help of these tools, writers can generate error-free, engaging content. In the truest sense, these tools enhance a writer’s productivity by manifold.

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