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How BYOD Comforts Employees and Organizations

Bring your own device byod

We are living in a generation that adores the Internet of Things. Consumerism in technology is rising and penetrating workplaces. Modern-day employees find comfort in using their own devices rather than depending on sluggish corporate hardware. The idea is to use just one device for all work – personal and professional.

On that account, the concept of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is being regarded as an unspoken and unwritten mandate, which even companies are gradually coming to terms with. Organizations that consent to it sanction personally enabled laptops, smartphones, tablets, and the likes for their employees alongside business-owned devices.

What Makes BYOD Popular?

To answer this question, we need to be in the shoes of employees as well as employers. Here is the crux:

How Employees Benefit

  • BYOD is a no-fuss policy that allows more control over work.
  • No more switching devices to work offsite or depending on office Internet connectivity to access corporate data.
  • Take it as a job perk that grants you the freedom and flexibility to work from anywhere, anytime.
  • Come medical emergencies and personal crisis, a personal device helps in remote communication as well.
  • Collaboration is enhanced, which in turn impacts the project outcome.

How Organizations Benefit

  • Productivity gets a boost when employees use devices that are familiar to them.
  • Creating and terminating employee access to the company network becomes easier.
  • The need to foot the bill of company assets and Mobile Device Management is dismissed.
  • With the liberty of bringing personal devices, employee loyalty, and retention increases.
  • In the event of hardware failure or network connectivity issues, personally enabled devices come to the rescue.
  • Organizations that make their workplace BYOD-compliant are seen as progressive technology adopters.

So, are you bringing your own device to work?

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