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WhatsApp Turns Up With 2-Factor Authentication, Background Audio

Whatsapp 2 factor authentication

That WhatsApp would be introducing a 2-factor authentication soon was already doing the rounds for quite a while now. And very recently, it has truly come into being. In an attempt to strengthen security, the functionality was introduced to the newest beta versions of the IM app.

This revamp has come right after a video calling feature was tested on the Beta version. The change can be observed if you move to your account settings in the app, where it prompts you to choose a ‘two-step verification’ mode.

When enabled, it would ask for a static 6-digit passcode every time you register your phone number with the app. A valid e-mail address would be required to reset or recover the same in case you forget it.

This has raised the security bar for the app as activating it with a registered number will inevitably require the passcode and access to the associated email to recover it. Only the person with the said information would be able to do it.

This would undoubtedly curb criminal activities somewhat, defending your account if your phone happens to get cloned.

Earlier, the process of verifying phone numbers included an automated call plus an SMS. The latest feature is an addition to the old method.

Of course, WhatsApp is not the only app using two-factor authentication. The technique is already mainstream with apps like Twitter, Gmail, Snapchat, and Uber using it.

In the month of April this year, WhatsApp had introduced end-to-end encryption on its service, making chats and conversations inaccessible by the app itself and the Government.

Reports have it that a further update will soon be available, requiring another 6-digital passcode to lock conversations. Needless to say, privacy fanatics are thrilled.

Apart from this, the update further includes facilities for background audio playback. Remember the times when you left a chat window and the audio playing in it suddenly stopped?

Well, this is happening no longer. Wander as much as you want to; the music stops only when you turn the screen off altogether.

The public version of the app is yet to get the updates. WhatsApp hasn’t declared when and we don’t know if iOS would get them too.

However, you can test them for yourselves by enrolling with Google’s Android Beta Program and trying out the Beta version of the app.

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