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Top 10 Must-Have Fitness Apps for the Health Freaks

Fitness apps

Technology has taken wings of late. Every aspect of our lives has been affected, or rather, benefited in some way or the other. Today, with every new technique emerges a new hope that promises to make our lives even better.

Of all things tech, our extreme addiction, however, has been towards smartphones. It is as if this little miracle box holds answers to almost everything we seek. Food to dating, work to entertainment, everything seems to be just a tap away. In that case, why should fitness be pushed behind?

Talk about fitness applications, there’s an ocean to explore! From scheduling exercise routines to finding virtual trainers to planning diet – you can do so many things with your smartphone. But, how do you know which apps to install and use? How do you know which are the best? Use the list below, maybe?

Presenting 10 awesome fitness apps you’d love to use!


This one is a free online calorie counter and diet planner. Track the calories you eat and the calories you burn – simple. This app also helps in finding the nutritional facts of over 2000000 food items just by scanning a barcode. So, the next time you go grocery shopping, don’t forget to take MyFitnessPal with you.


Sworkit stands for ‘Simply Work It’. This application which gives you access to more than 200 types of exercises and standard workout routines for losing weight from any part of the body. If you have it in your phone, you do not really need a personal trainer as such. Sworkit offers a ‘6-week program’ for leaner, fitter and stronger body – an obvious boon for any fitness freak.

ActiveX Tabata and Spin Training

This one is a community-based fitness application having different training plans and packs including Tabata & other HIIT training workouts. This application is available only for iPhone (yeah, a bit of a bad news for Android users).

It offers a ‘30 days challenge’ for achieving a particular fitness goal and is useful for those who are running short of time but need to look fit. Say, you have a wedding coming up and you can’t wait to fit into that gorgeous dress you just checked out in that eCommerce store; you definitely need to try the ActiveX Tabata & Spin Training app.

Charity Miles

Charity Miles comes with a greater purpose. It converts every mile you walk or run or ride a bicycle into charity money for the underprivileged and for those who are unable to meet the basic expenses of treating diseases.

With organizations like Timex Sports and Lifeway Foods backing it, the fitness application is a great way of keeping your body fit and earning some bucks as well. In short, it gives a sense of fulfilment like no other fitness app. Stand Up To Cancer, Alzheimer’s Association and Feeding America are some of the charities associated with Charity Miles.

PEAR – Personal Fitness Coach

This one is more like a personal trainer sans an actual personal trainer. The application walks users through exercises via interactive training programs in real-time.

Do not expect robotic voices or sample images of the workout. Everything is as natural as it should be. You can also look forward to interactive HIIT workouts, boot camps, yoga, and daily workout recommendations. PEAR provides with all.

Fit Radio

Music is a wonderful motivation for a workout, isn’t it? But, what if the playlist gets boring and repetitive? Would you still feel motivated? Difficult. This is where Fit Radio comes into play, literally. It gives you high-energy playlists and music that energizes you.

It allows music streaming along with DJ mixes and more than 25 genres and stations. The best part is, its ‘Workout Music’ keeps refreshing its playlist to give its user a unique experience with unlimited skips. Yeah, Fit Radio is the perfect way to fuel your workout.

Lose It!

By signing in into this fitness application, you can easily track your current weight to goal weight journey by entering some basic information. You can also this application for daily calorie allotment and checking number of calories burnt during a particular exercise.

You just need to click a picture of the food you are about to eat and leave rest on this application. It will automatically show all nutritional information. Else you can join group-based challenges or you can create your personal challenge. It’s pretty simple if you are prepared to sweat it out.

FitStar Personal Trainer

FitBit owns the fitness application FitStar Personal Trainer. The app works much like a personal trainer; it helps you reach your fitness goal by setting personalized workout programs.

It provides personalized video workout tutorials. The workout timings range from 7 minutes to 50 minutes. FitStar Personal Trainer application also allows you to choose from hundreds of exercises dedicated to losing fat from any body part.

Pocket Yoga

Yoga is advisable for all – kid, adult, and elderly. It helps in gaining flexibility and relieving stress. For those who hate gymming or performing high-intensity workouts, the Pocket Yoga application can be very useful.

More than 200 yoga poses are available in this fitness application. It shows all benefits, descriptions, and illustrations of particular yoga pose with images of ‘Steps To Do’. Many asanas shown in this application are worth investing your energy to stay fit.


Pact is not just a fitness app, it can also generate cash for you while you hit your fitness goal. This fitness application will pay you for keeping your body fit. However, you need to make payment to someone else if you cannot keep up with your fitness commitment.

The strategy is simple – you have to set an exercise goal along with a meal plan for an upcoming week, check in at a gym to workout, sync it with the app and upload pictures of meals you eat every day. Of course, while planning your diet, remember to make healthy choices so you steer clear of out-of-the-pocket expenses.

To Conclude…

Choose any or all of the above applications – each can be your true companion in maintaining body fitness. Additionally, stay committed, regular and true to yourself. Eat healthy, sleep well. Keep your mind calm and positive. Remember, ‘it always seems impossible until it is done.’

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