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Techosaur has been established with a three-fold aim – firstly, to be a technophile’s cornucopia of information, secondly, to be a soapbox for writers who love to talk tech, and thirdly, to serve the netizens with sensible content marketing solutions.

We are here to…

  • Bring to you the hottest technology news and updates, digital trends, app and gadget reviews, honest buying advice, business deals, tips, tricks, and more – all presented objectively.
  • Encourage technology guest bloggers and thinkers worldwide to share their knowledge, indulge in healthy discussions, learn, teach, write, and ultimately bask in some self-promotion via us.
  • Be the virtual assistants for all your content writing and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) needs.

It won’t be an exaggeration to call ourselves a crew of “ambitious multimedia enthusiasts” eating, sleeping, and breathing technology.

We are the one-stop for all the digital consumers out there, extracting pieces of tech information from every corner and piling them up all under the Techosaur roof. We are for the future and its futuristic horizons – giving out the right technology dosage without overdosing.

Our Mission

  • To produce quality content that thrives on technology – old and new.
  • To celebrate digital voices and cater to their global listeners.
  • To leverage every digital medium for your brand.

Our Vision

  • To be a choice rather than an option when it comes to technology talks.
  • To spread digital literacy within and beyond the community we serve.
  • To set a global footprint and create benchmarks in the world of digital marketing.

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Core Values

  • To present digital information with honesty, integrity, objectivity, and accuracy.
  • To strive for service excellence with accountability and credibility.
  • To preserve dignity of labour and uphold business ethics.
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